New Project to get me out of the office and go for a walk.

Adelaide Images

So far it seems to be working I am at three weeks and am slowly starting to recognise the really crap images. Some of the shots so far are boring even rubbish but I had to expose them on the blog to learn how it feels to come back and view an image days or weeks later.
The other aspect of image making I am learning is that I do not generally recognise good or interesting images. This seems to happen after I have uploaded them and then viewed them on the computer screen. Seeing them on the camera viewfinder on LCD does not really give me a good idea of how they will look on the blog.

So now I need to build a visual library, this will make it easier to recognise good images and ignore the boring images. Learning to look with my eyes before I turn the camera on will save a lot of wasted pixels and save having to upload the rubbish images to be able to recognise them as such.


About baylisp

I live in Adelaide South Australia, I am into cycling and occasionally use a digital camera.
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